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Study plan for the cohort starting in a.y. 2019/20

1st Year
1st Semester 
2nd Semester 
2nd Year (each course page indicates the semester)


Examples of personalised study plans


Further Information


At the admission, based on the documentation provided by the applicant and on the interview, the Selection Committee assigns each student to either Analysis Course A or Analysis Course B. The Committee's decision aims at levelling the enrolled students' knowledge on the topic by the end of the first semester, allowing students without a strong background in Mathematics to enter smoothly the Program and develop the necessary intruments to complete it successfully. To this end, student assigned to Course B will also have to attend Tutorial Courses before the beginning of regular courses (see dates here). Exceptions on these decisions can be discussed with the Program Coordinators on a case-by-case basis upon request by the student.

Credits/hours conversion

The above indicated credits correspond to Italian CFU and to European ECTS. The typical courses lengths for this study plan based on the credits conversion into classes hours are as follows:

  • 3 credits = 24 hours
  • 6 credits = 48 hours
  • 9 credits = 72 hours
  • 12 credits = 96 hours

Classes are organised in two 12-week semesters, so a 6-credit course typically corresponds to 2 classes of 2 hours per week, and a 9-credit course to 3 classes of 2 hours per week.

 Free credits

The two courses freely chosen correspond to 6+6 free credits that can be used by the student to personalise her/his study plan according to personal interests. The free credits can be used for choosing any course among all those available in that academic year at the University of Torino, excluding those whose content is already covered or contained in other courses of the present degree. This will be verified when the student's study plan is formally validated before the final defense.

A list of the courses currently offered in English at the University of Torino is available here.

The students are encouraged to select as free credits the optional courses of this degree not included as first choice in the study plan. For example, if course A is chosen from the two-items list (A,B), then course B can also be included in the study plan by using the free credits.

(*) The second year courses of the long item list can be anticipated to the first year of studies only as free credits.


The final examination consists in the discussion in front of an ad hoc Faculty Committee of a written dissertation elaborated by the student under the supervision and on a topic agreed with a Faculty member. The thesis can be written in connection with an internship in a public or private institution. See the page Thesis for more details.


All courses listed above are taught in English, which is the official and working language of the M.Sc. See Admissions for the English proficiency required for applying.


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