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Admissions for a.y. 2024/25

[This page has been updated on November 9, 2023]

Prerequisites for applying

Applications are open to anyone holding or being close to obtaining a Bachelor degree (Laurea Triennale for students in Italian universities) or an equivalent/superior title, whose preceding studies include at least 20% of credits (36 CFU for Italian degrees) in the following areas (disciplinary sectors for Italian degrees): Mathematics (MAT/*), Statistics and Mathematical Methods for Decisions (SECS-S/*), Econometrics (SECS-P/05), Computer Science (INF/01, ING-INF/*), Physics (FIS/01-02). These credits can be cumulated over the different areas listed above and/or over multiple preceding studies (e.g., a Bachelor and a Master degree) and can include certified additional courses (single exams registered in addition to one's degree).

Applicants not satisfying the above prerequisites, should attend and certify individual courses belonging to one of the specified areas before applying. Applicants not yet holding the undergraduate title by the time of the application must be in a position to receive it not later than the final enrolment deadline (typically the following December /January). 


Admission to the Program of eligible candidates is subjected to the verification of the candidate's personal preparation through an online test. The test aims at verifying background knowledge in Analysis, Probability and Statistics as well as a minimal proficiency in the English language. A list of minimal background topics that can be object of verification can be found in this syllabus

The test is held online, has duration of 75 minutes and consists of 4 parts: 10 multiple-choice questions for each area of Analysis, Probability and Statistics and 5 questions on English proficiency. All questions carry equal marks and no penalties are given for wrong answers. 

For admission to the Program, the test must be completed with an overall score of at least 60%. Note that the Admission Committee reserves the right to examine orally candidates that successfully completed the test.

Further details on how to carry out the test will be sent directly to the applicants via email. 

Exemption from the test

Under certain conditions, applicants are exempted from the verification of the personal preparation. In such cases, they are admitted directly without the need to undertake the test, upon verification of the documentation provided with their application. The admission application is therefore necessary even in this case, to demonstrate the possession of these specific requisites.

Exemption from the test is conceded when conditions A+B or A+C are satified:

A) the current or previous studies submitted with the documentation (these may combine multiple degrees or consider individual exams registered in addition to a single degree) include at least 20% of courses in Mathematics (for Italian degrees, at least 36 CFU in MAT/* sectors);

B) the candidate is still enrolled within the regular duration of the program ("in corso" for Italian degrees) and all exams have been completed at the time of the application (these candidates must be able to enrol within the deadline typically in December/January).

C) the last degree was obtained not earlier than on the solar year prior to the application (e.g., application in 2023, last degree obtained in 2022 satisfies the condition, last degree obtained in 2021 does not satisfy the condition), either

C1) within the regular duration of the program ("in corso" for Italian degrees); or

C2) with no more than one additional year with respect to the regular duration of the program with a final examination mark greater than 90% of the maximum ("primo fuori corso" with final mark >99/110 for Italian degrees);

Candidates possessing the requisites for the exemption from the test can apply to any round (see below).

Candidates failing those requirements can apply only in round 1 or 2 and must undertake successfully the test in order to be admitted. 


International students

Students of any citizenship holding a foreign degree can apply through the Apply@Unito platform. Evaluations of the applications is done in several installments, see below:

  • Applications must be submitted through Apply@Unito:
    • between Nov 22, 2023, and Jan 31, 2024 (open to any international student) or
    • between Aug 21 and Sep 4, 2024 (open only to EU citizens, non-EU already legally resident in Italy and Italian citizens with foreign qualifications).
  • Expected feedback on the applications: 
    • Around mid February 2024, for applications completed not later than Dec 31, 2023
    • Around late March 2024, for applications completed not later than Jan 23, 2024
    • Around the beginning of May 2024, for applications completed not later than Jan 31, 2024
    • Around the beginning of October 2024 for applications received between Aug 21 and Sep 4, 2024.

Important: those holding multiple degrees must indicate in the application the degree most relevant for this program.

Domestic students (this subsection is still not updated)

Students of any citizenship holding or about to obtain a degree from an Italian university (typically a Laurea Triennale) can apply for admission according to the following time windows:

    • Round 1 (all students can apply to this round)
      • Application dates: From May 1, 2024, to June 6, 2024
      • Feedback on the applications: TBA
      • Test dates: TBA
    • Round 2 (all students can apply to this round) 
      • Application dates: From July 5, 2024, to August 30, 2024
      • Feedback on the applications: TBA
      • Test dates: TBA
    • Round 3 (only students who satisfy the above conditions for the exemption from the test can apply to this round, and they must apply nonetheless)
      • Application dates: From September 4, 2024, to September 13, 2024
      • Feedback on the applications: TBA
      • Test dates: no test for this round
      • Note: students applying at this round may receive feedback on their admission after the beginning of the semester. They are however strongly invited to attend classes from the beginning of the courses.

Additional notes:

  • Chances of admission (either through the test or with the exemption) do not differ between different rounds
  • Individual communications are done to the email address provided during the application.

Domestic students applications can be done following carefully these instructions

Scholarships for international students

Please see here

Further enquiries

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