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Previous exams validation

Students already holding registered exams from another Laurea Magistrale can request their validation, when the syllabi are congruent with SDS courses. The request is done in two stages: by first sending a validation proposal to the Executive Committee; followed, in case of positive outcome, by completing the formalities with the Academic Office.

The validation proposal can be sent (after enrolment) by email to the address, enclosing the following documents:

  • a validation request form (a pdf version of the filled doc/odt form suffices);
  • a validation proposal (to be filled in all its non-yellow parts and sent in xls/ods format);
  • the official transcript of the exams for which the validation is requested;
  • any additional documentation if considered useful for proving the congruency of the respective syllabi.


Last update: 21/09/2018 23:31
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