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Coronavirus: aggiornamenti per la comunità universitaria / Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Community

Agenda CampusNet

Published: Wednesday, November 4, 2020

For booking an appointment, please follow the instructions on the handbook.

In this phase and until new and different communication, accesso to Segreterie Studenti is only foreseen by appointment.

You can arrange an appointment only for the activities which are listed on Agenda CampusNet, as follows:

a) collecting certificates for abroad

b) collecting certificates for private use, not informatized records

c) collecting parchment

d) collecting smart card

e) collecting other documentation (i.e. original upper secondary school leaving cerficate)

f) documentation delivery (i.e. training documents, thesis)

g) administrative consulting - career

In order to permit an effective and efficacious registration of an appointment, it is necessary to observe rigorously the kind of appointment, as fixed by each segreteria studenti: i.e. for collecting the parchment it is necessary to book the dedicated slot and not the others that available for further activities (i.d. collecting certificates and smart card, etc.).

To access the service, you need to click here

For entering venues, you must wear masks and follow the rules described on signs, which are placed at the venue (distancing, using hands hygienizing gel, etc).

Last update: 04/04/2022 19:37
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