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Courses attendance and full-time/part-time commitment

Courses attendance is not formally compulsory, but highly encouraged. The best case scenario is a full-time commitment attending all courses chosen in one's study plan, planning to complete the program within its regular duration (i.e. graduating between July of the second year of enrolment and the following April). This entails obtaining 60 credits per year.

Students who cannot attend regularly are encouraged to enrol with a part-time commitment. This lowers the number of credits to obtain per year to the range 20 to 36, extending the regular duration of the program and modifying the tuition fees accordingly.

The full-time/part-time commitment is chosen during the Career Plan submission, to be done (after enrolment) during the first semester of the first year.

Note that students already holding a degree of Laurea Magistrale can request the validation of previous exams.

Last update: 21/09/2018 23:31
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