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Who can I ask about ...?


Enquiries on Admissions, after reading carefully the information published at the page Admissions, at the email sds-admissions@unito.it

Enquiries on the Program, at the email sds-admission@unito.it

Visas, formal requirements and enrolment for foreign students or students with foreign previous degree
International students office - internationalstudents@unito.it
Vicolo Benevello 3A (first floor), 10124, Torino. Tel. +39 011 670 4498/4499

Technical problems with the online application and enrolment procedure (after admission)
Foreign students: International students office - internationalstudents@unito.it

Italian students: Students office of the School of Natural Sciences

Classes calendar and schedule
Roberta Sirovich - roberta.sirovich@unito.it, Cristina Zucca - cristina.zucca@unito.it

The Internship and orientation committee - sds-internship@unito.it

Erasmus and exchange programs
The Erasmus committee - sds-erasmus@unito.it

Thesis defense and final examination
The Final examination committee - sds-thesis@unito.it


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