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Graduates in Stochastics and Data Science can work in private and public companies, research institutions or as self employed. Among the possible career opportunities there are analytic departments of banks and insurance companies, industries of all sectors, public administrations and research centers in all fields that require skilled treatment of data with complex structures.

Graduates in Stochastics and Data Science can also access PhD programs in statistics, probability, applied mathematics, operations research and mathematical finance, among others.

Alumni & Placement

First placement of our graduates (since July 2017, to be updated regularly):

  • Cristina Bozzo, Consoft Sistemi, Italy
  • Martina Bravo, EiSWORLD (business intelligence and analytics), Italy
  • Stefano Bruno, PhD in Statistical Applied Mathematics, University of Bath, UK
  • Umberto De Ambroggio, PhD in Statistical Applied Mathematics, University of Bath, UK
  • Federico Ferrari, PhD in Statistical Science, Duke University, USA
  • Riccardo Fogliato, PhD in Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Marta Fretti, Big Data Department, Vodafone, Italy
  • Paola Jafrancesco, Iconsulting (data warehouse, business intelligence and big data analytics), Italy
  • Giulia Lerda, ISI Foundation, Italy
  • Gabriele Mosaico, Insights and Data Business Unit, Capgemini, Italy
  • Francesca Panero, Oxford-Warwick Doctoral Statistical Programme, University of Oxford, UK
  • Elena Pesce, PhD in Mathematical Methods for Data Analysis, University of Genova (Italy) & SwissRE International SE (Switzerland)
  • Marta Pellizzola, PhD in Population Genetics, Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics, Austria
  • Lorenzo Rimella, PhD in Statistics, University of Bristol, UK
  • Christian Rollo, European Central Bank
  • Matteo Silvestro, Consoft Sistemi, Italy
  • Alessandra Stella, PhD in Statistical Neuroscience, University of Aachen, Germany

Furthermore, our students have completed internship programs in the following companies and institutions: AccentureAizoon, Capgemini, Consoft Sistemi, European Central Bank, Evo Pricing, INRIA, Intesa SanPaolo Bank, ISI Foundation, Skylab Italia.

Last update: 29/05/2018 11:03
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