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Note: admissions now open for all students. Updated prerequisites for accessing the interview.


Prerequisites and eligibility

Applications are open to anyone holding or being close to obtaining a Bachelor degree (Laurea Triennale for students in Italian universities) or an equivalent/superior title, whose preceding studies include at least 1/4 of credits (possibly including the thesis) in one or more of the following areas (disciplinary codes for Italian degrees):  Mathematics (MAT/*), Statistics and Mathematical Methods for Decisions (SECS-S/*), Econometrics (SECS-P/05), Computer Science (INF/01, ING-INF/*), Physics (FIS/01-02). The preceding studies may combine different degrees or include certified additional courses.

Applicants not satisfying the above prerequisites, should attend and certify individual courses belonging to one of the specified areas.

Applicants not yet holding the undergraduate title by the time of the application must be in a position to receive it not later than the final enrolment deadline (December of the same year).


The Admission Committee evaluates the candidate's personal preparation on the basis of the supporting documentation provided during the application and through an interview, which aims at verifying the background knowledge in Analysis, Probability and Statistics. A list of essential background topics is contained in this syllabus. The candidate will be exempted from the verification of the personal preparation when her/his preceding studies include at least 20% of the credits in Mathematics (MAT/*) and the documentation provided with the application certifies a final examination mark not lower than 95% (105/110 for Italian degrees) or the last available grade point average not lower than 93% (28/30 for Italian degrees) on at least 90% of the exam credits in the study plan.


Interviews are held in person at the University of Torino or, if requested by the applicant during the application, on Skype. Candidates residing at a distance which does not require an overnight stay for travelling to Torino are expected to be physically present to the interview.

The interview is generally held in English. Italian speakers are allowed to be interviewed in Italian, in which case proficiency in the English language will also be verified (an exemption will be granted upon certifying during the application a B2 English certificate or an English exam during the previous studies).

Applications for the academic year 2018/19

  • International students: students holding a degree from a non Italian university, regardless of their citizenship, can apply according to the following time windows:
    • before February 28th, all international students
    • from March 15th to April 30th, all international students
    • from May 15th to June 30th, reserved to non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy and EU citizens
    • from June 20th to July 10th, reserved to non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy and EU citizens

Applications can be done through this pageCandidates will be notified about the interview by email, approximately one week before the above interview dates.

  • Domestic students: students holding or about to obtain a degree from an Italian university (typically a Laurea Triennale) can apply for admission according to the following time windows:
    • from April 1st to June 30th (3pm), interviews on July 17th-18th
    • from July 10th to August 31th, interviews on September 12th

Applications can be done following these instructions. Candidates will be notified about the interview by email, approximately one week before the above interview dates.


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