The M.Sc. in Stochastics and Data Science is a two-year graduate course (a Laurea Magistrale in Mathematics within the Italian University system) that aims at preparing students with a modern education in probabilistic, statistical and computational methods.

Inspired by the best programs in Data Science recently started in the USA and Europe, this course brings together the expertise of three Departments of the University of Torino and their research groups in Probability, Statistics and Computer Science, and is currently the only offer of this type in Italy to award a Degree in Mathematics.

The Program is entirely taught in English and will provide students with a solid knowledge in key topics of Applied Mathematics, Probability, Statistics and Machine Learning. These are nowadays essential tools for performing mathematical modelling under uncertainty and for analysing complex, high dimensional datasets with a deep mathematical understanding of the underneath structures. 

Applications for admission are welcome from students holding or being close to obtain a Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Engineering, but also in Computer Science or Economics with a sufficient quantitative background.



Internship opportunity at National Research Council

Payed internship opportunities at the Institute for Calculus Applications of the National research Council, within the project Mathematics for Industry.

Deadline: October 25th, 2016

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The Ministerial report on Big Data recognises the SDS Program

The report of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) on promoting the culture of Big Data recognises the role of the M.Sc. in Stochastics and Data Science.

More details (in Italian) at this page.

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